Latex is a special material that is often used in the creation of clothing ! At latex-seduction, we offer a wide variety of latex clothing such as : latex dress, latex tops, latex shorts, latex skirts, latex stockings, latex catsuits, latex mini-skirt, latex jumpsuits or latex leotard ! Whether you are a woman or a man, you can enjoy the exceptional material that is latex.


Latex clothes allows you to mold your forms and give them more volume and become very sexy. This ensures you to remain sexy and sensual in all circumstances. In addition, latex clothing is ideal for adding spice to your relationship or as simple evening wear.


It is necessary to take some precautions before putting on your latex clothing. First of all, you must make sure that your clothing does not have any folds that could hinder its wearing. To do this, hang your latex clothes in your closet as if it were a coat using a hanger and do not store it with your other clothes. Once you have taken these precautions, you can enjoy this unique material freely.

Latex is a very stretchy material, but it can tear, so be very careful and patient when putting on your latex garment. Be especially careful with fingernails and jewelry that can damage the clothes when you put it on. Because latex tends to stick to the skin, it is recommended to use talcum powder inside the latex clothing and directly on the skin to facilitate the donning process. Be careful not to use other lubricants than those specially designed for latex threading, as they can weaken the seams and damage the shiny appearance of latex.


To shine a latex clothing, it is recommended to use a shine product designed specifically for latex. It can be applied with a cloth after putting on the clothes or added to water after washing the latex clothes. A small summary is included with each order to ensure that you enjoy your clothing for a long time.


It is recommended that you wash your latex clothing after each use to keep it looking like new. To do so, soak it for 15–30 minutes in warm water (30-40°C) with mild hypoallergenic shampoo, then rinse it with clean water inside and out. To dry, simply hang it on a (non-metallic) hanger away from the sun and heat sources


To store your latex clothes, it is recommended to hang it after coating it with latex gloss or talcum powder in a dry and dark place. If the garment is folded, it is recommended to sprinkle talcum powder on the inside and outside and to use tissues or tissue paper to separate outfits of different colors that may rub off on each other in the long run (clothes can be stored in different bags depending on their color). Also, be careful with the zippers on the garment, which can stain the clear latex if the clothes is folded.

Latex Clothing Colors

In our latex clothing online store, we offer several different colors so that you can find the tone that will best combine with your outfit. The classic black latex garment is perfect for an elegant and sophisticated outfit, while red evokes a sensual and provocative mood.

For a softer, more romantic look, pink or white are perfect. If you want a more brilliant hue, we offer a selection to fit your demands. For those opting for a more daring, unconventional style, we have latex apparel in blue, green, and purple. Silver and gold metallic colors are very popular for special occasions and elegant gatherings.

Choose yellow or orange to add a burst of color to your latex outfit for a livelier look. Finally, for those wishing to add texture to their attire, our selection of transparent latex is excellent for a sensual and mysterious effect. Whatever your style, we have a hue that will help you create a remarkable ensemble.